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  • Quinn’s Sperm Washing Medium

    Quinn´s Sperm Washing Medium is a modification of HEPES-buffered human tubal fluid, and was specifically developed for in vitro procedures involving sperm washing and incubation.

    Contains antioxidants beneficial for sperm quality and to decrease the amount of DNA damage.

    Available with and without gentamycin.

    Key Features

    • Tested using one-cell mouse embryo bioassay and endotoxin assays to ensure quality and safety
    • Now contains taurine and EDTA, beneficial components for sperm quality
    • Taurine has a role in sperm capacitation and has demonstrated a protective effect against peroxidative damage and reactive oxygen species
    • EDTA enhances sperm cell motility and chelates toxic divalent cations
    • Addition of antioxidants helps to reduce the build-up of DNA damage due to ROS

    This product is available for sale in Europe, the U.S.A, Canada and Australia as well as selected countries in the rest of the world.
    ART-1005 & ART-1006 are available for sale in China.


    Reference Description Size
    ART-1005 Quinn’s Advantage™ Sperm Washing Medium 12 x 12 ml
    ART-1006 Quinn’s Advantage™ Sperm Washing Medium 100ml
    ART-1012 Quinn’s Advantage™ Sperm Washing Medium without antibiotics 12 x 12 ml
    Contains sodium chloride
    potassium chloride
    magnesium sulfate
    anhydrous potassium phosphate
    calcium chloride
    sodium bicarbonate
    sodium pyruvate
    sodium lactate (DL)
    phenol red
    human serum albumin 5 mg/mL Quinn’s Sperm Washing Medium without antibiotics contains all of the above except gentamicin

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