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  • Single Lumen Needles

    Our needles are produced to the highest standards using diamond powder bevels for a sharp, accurate finish.

    All needles are fitted with kink resistant tubing with needle gauge identification.

    Key Features

    • 3 degrees of needle stiffness available
    • Tri-faceted tip, cut to 3 acute needle angles to prevent excessive bleeding and coring
    • Echo marked to tip for improved accuracy of needle placement
    • Available option with stopcock system for easy flushing

    This product is available for sale in Europe and Australia as well as selected countries in the rest of the world. It is not available for sale in the U.S.A.


    16 Gauge – Stiff Wall – No stopcock

    Reference Description
    SL1603011S OocyteRS16G N30-A100-S100 S. No Stopcock
    SL1603511S OocyteRS16G N35-A100-S100 S. No Stopcock
    SL1603014S OocyteRS16G N30-A100-S040 S. No Stopcock
    SL1603014LS OocyteRS16G N30-A100-S040L S. No Stopcock
    SL1603064S OocyteRS16G N30-A060-S040 S. No Stopcock
    SL1603044S OocyteRS16G N30-A040-S040 S. No Stopcock

    17 Gauge – Stiff Wall

    Reference Description
    SL1703011S OocyteRS17G N30-A100-S100 S. No Stopcock
    SL1703511S OocyteRS17G N35-A100-S100 S. No Stopcock
    SL1703014S OocyteRS17G N30-A100-S040 S. No Stopcock
    SL1703064S OocyteRS17G N30-A060-S040 S. No Stopcock
    SL1703044S OocyteRS17G N30-A040-S040 S. No Stopcock
    SL1703011MS OocyteRSS17G N30-A100-S100MS.Stopcock in middle
    SL1753011NS OocyteRSS175G N30-A100-S100NS.Stopcock in middle
    SL1753014NS OocyteRSS175G N30-A100-S040NS.Stopcock in middle
    SL1753011BS OocyteRSS175G N30-A100-S100BS.Stopcock at bung
    SL1753014BS OocyteRSS175G N30-A100-S040BS.Stopcock at bung


    Reference Description
    VTS200MM Vacuum tube 200 cm MM (male/male)
     VTS200MF Vacuum tube 200 cm MF (male/female)
    VTS200FF Vacuum tube 200 cm FF (female/female)


    • Mouse Embryo Assay (MEA)
    • Endotoxin (LAL) tested. (Ph. Eur., USP)

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