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    Tosoh Bioscience has been a pioneer in the field of automated immunoassay systems.  Their line of Automated Immunoassay Analyzers (AIA) delivers accurate immunoassay diagnostics with a full test menu which includes:

    • Reproductive Hormones.
    • Continuous random access and continuous process operation allow operators to run assays in any combination, in any order, at any time
    • All AIA systems utilize the same AIA-PACK Unit Dose Test Cup reagent technology
    • Single, unitized test cups require no pre-mixing, no pre-measuring, no on-board refrigeration and no waste
    • Results are consistent and interchangeable between all Tosoh AIA systems
    • Developed with efficency in mind to ensure operators have significant time away from the system to accomplish other tasks while samples are running
    • Built on the motto: “Press start and walk away, it’s that simple.”

    Tosoh Immunoassay Analyzer – AIA 2000


    Key Features for AIA 360 and AIA 2000

    • Throughput of 200 tests/hour
    • 576 tips (6 tip racks)
    • 2 substrate bottles
    • Walk away time approx. 4 hours
    • 960 tests (48 trays) can be loaded at any time
    • 3 incubators
    • 2 sampling arms

    Tosoh Immunoassay Analyzer – AIA 360


    Tosoh Immunoassay Analyzer – AIA 900


    Key Features

    • Flexible newest addition to Tosoh’s respected family of AIA analyzers
    • Throughput of 90 tests per hour
    • Available in 3 different models
    • User-friendly and reliable
    • AIA-900 utilizes the same Unit Dose Test Cup reagent technology as all Tosoh AIA immunoassay analyzers

    These products are available for sale in the U.S.A only.

    Tosoh Immunoassay Analyzer – AIA 2000

    Reference Description
    TOS022100 AIA 2000 Immunoassay Analyzer


    Tosoh Immunoassay Analyzer – AIA 900

    Reference Description
    TOS-AIA900 AIA 900 Immunoassay Analyzer, Loader Model
    TOS22931111 AIA 900 Immunoassay Analyzer, 9 Tray Sorter Model
    TOS-AIA900 AIA 900 Immunoassay Analyzer, 19 Tray Sorter Model

    Tosoh Immunoassay Analyzer – AIA 360

    Reference Description
    TOS-019945 AIA 360 Immunoassay Analyzer